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We believe in sharing information for everyone. We have had enquiries from employees who need help before they sit an internal interview, right up to business owners who need help managing a disciplinary process. 

With this in mind, we have created this page which offers links to all things HR. 

Scroll down to watch HR Webinars, find links to other great HR sites and a listen to Ray Hoare’s Podcast – The HR Hour.

The HR Hour Podcast

My Human Resources Career

Interview with Jack Byron, Director of Customer Service for Elis Ireland on how his HR career choices enabled him to grow and enhance his career. 

Enabling Performance

Brendan Mc Carthy, Senior Partner, Stratis Consulting talks about performance management.  Mistakes are learning opportunities.

Data Protection for Employers

Hugh Jones, a GDPR/Data Protection expert talks about the challenges of data protection in the workplace. Hugh talks about his experience of implementing GDPR polices and […]

Interviewing Skills

Gerard Doyle talks about his experience of using behavioural and competency based interviewing.

Fight or Flight Syndrome

Denis Bastick, Ex Senior Dublin Footballer and Head of Business Development with the EBS Building Society talks about Fight or Flight Syndrome and how his athletic […]

Brian Pennie Mindfulness

Brian talks about his life and recovery from chronic drug addiction. He recounts his use of mindfulness to manage and cope with the everyday stress and anxiety in life.

Mark Egan Training Millennials

Mark talks about training Millennials and how micro-learning has become a new way of thinking for many HR and Training professionals.

May Tan Stress Anxiety

Dr. Tan talks about wellbeing, personal health, recognising the signs of anxiety and gives advice on coping mechanisms.

Grievance Management

Julie talks about the importance of process when dealing with challenging and difficult employee grievances in the workplace.

John Conellan Disciplinary Case Management

John gives advice on how to deal with a disciplinary hearing in work and what steps to take to make sure your decisions are legally defendable.

Barry Phillips Employee Engagement

Barry gives advice on how to engage employees, and more importantly remote workers.

Gerry Duffy Team Building

Gerry an experienced athlete and industry expert on goal setting and leadership, talks about the importance of creating great teams around us to help us achieve our goals.

Jerry Klarsfeld Managing Communications

Jerry gives us his advice and views on how to accomplish energising and meaningful communication skills.

HR Webinars

Absence – the invisible workplace bully

Ray Hoare talks to us about the 'invisible workplace bully' that is casual absence' and the real lack of regard for the impact on colleagues who have to fill in for the missing colleague. His talk recommends we take a more proactive, forthright and honest approach to have those taking such leave consider the wider implications of their actions and ultimately mend their ways for their colleagues but also for their own longer term reputation.

Managing Absence at Work Webinar

Until the early twentieth century, businesses had a clear rule: no work, no pay. If you did not turn up, you simply didn’t get paid. Today we have a multitude of absence management procedures and policies covering all types of absence and in many cases – paid time off for absence.