Brian Pennie

Life Change Strategist

Episode 1: Mindfulness

Brian talks about his life and recovery from drug addiction. He recounts his use of mindfulness to manage and cope with the everyday stress and anxiety in life.

May Tan

Dr. May Tan, G.P.



Episode 2: Depression, Stress & Anxiety

In this Podcast, Dr. Tan talks about wellbeing, personal health, recognising the signs of anxiety and gives advice on coping mechanisms. 

Dr. Tan is the Wellness Clinical Lead in VHI Healthcare, Global Medical Advisor to Ironman Events

Mark Egan

Chairman, SureSkills Group

Episode 3: Training and Development

Mark talks about training Millennials and how micro-learning has become a new way of thinking for many HR and Training professionals.

John Connellan

Partner, Carley and Connellan Solicitors

Episode 4: Disciplinary Management

John, a seasoned Employment Lawyer, gives advice on how to deal with a disciplinary hearing in work and what steps to take to make sure you’re decisions are legally defendable.

Jerry Klarsfeld

CEO, TDF International Inc.

Episode 5: Communication Skills

Jerry gives us his advice and views on how to accomplish energising and meaningful communication skills. He talks about the importance of looking at ourselves, our own style and knowing what we need to change about ourselves.

Gerry Duffy

CEO, Gerry Duffy Academy.

Episode 6: Teambuilding and Goalsetting

Gerry an experienced athlete and industry expert on goalsetting and leadership, talks about the importance of creating great teams around
us to help us achieve our goals.

Barry Phillips

CEO, Legal Island

Episode 7: Employee Engagement

Barry, is an experienced Barrister, mediator and coach, and in this talk he gives advice on how to engage employees, and more importantly remote workers. He also talks about strategies employers should
consider when planning employee engagement initiatives

Julie Galbraith

Eversheds Solicitiors

Episode 8: Grievance Management

Julie an experienced Employment Lawyer and Law lecturer talks about the importance of process when dealing with
challenging and difficult employee grievances in the workplace.