Management Coaching

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Harness the power of our self-assessment suite to uncover your strengths, identify blind spots, and chart your path to success. Our coaching program, built on the renowned GROW Model, helps you set clear goals for every session. Empower yourself with tailored insights and actionable strategies.

Management Coaching


Our Approach

Our coaching model identifies where a manager is strong, understands their goals and personal objectives and to recognise their blind spots. We use a series of self-perception tools and profiles to set a benchmark for progress.

Our Process

Our unique process starts with a thorough analysis of the Manager's skills and competencies and allows the participant and coach to agree on a meeting schedule, understand goals and objectives and to set a coaching plan in place. The participant completes the self-assessment tools and meets the coach to review their profile and discuss potential training modules.


We use four different self-assessment tools which the participant must complete. These tools examine, Communication and Assertiveness, Team Management, Individual Team Role, and General Leadership Self Awareness.

Training Modules

Once the self-assessments have been reviewed, an agreed training programme can be scheduled. The training selected will be specific to the participant's needs and can be completed on a public course basis or 1:1 with the Coach. The Coach will meet the participant to review their self-assessment and recommend courses.


Following specific training, the participant meets the coach (using the GROW Model) to assess their progress and agree on an action plan for their development. The number and frequency of coaching sessions can vary depending on the participant's timeframe, expectations, and goals (minimum 3 coaching sessions). The final coaching session will assess progress and set a revised development plan.