July 5, 2024

Managing Up

In many of our workplaces today, I have noticed a shift towards assertiveness and confidence among millennials and Gen Z employees when it comes to managing upwards. Contrary to previous generations (yes, that includes me!), who often adopted a "shut up and put up" mindset towards being managed, younger professionals today exhibit no hesitation in expressing their viewpoints and guiding their superiors when necessary.
June 28, 2024

Managing a Bully

Bullying in the workplace is a pervasive issue that can significantly impact your mental health, home life, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. I’ve been bullied twice in my career, and on both occasions, as sad as it may be to admit it, considering I am a HR Consultant, they got away with it! If you're in a situation where you have to manage a workplace bully on your own, here are some strategies to help you navigate this difficult terrain.
June 21, 2024

Managing Difficult Conversations at Work

In the tumultuous landscape of the workplace, conflicts between people are as inevitable as morning coffee. Disagreements, disputes, and opposing interests among individuals are not just common but expected in many organisations. However, what sets thriving workplaces apart is not the conflict or the absence of conflict, but rather the skill in managing and resolving it. In this article, I delve into the intricacies of navigating difficult conversations at work, exploring its impacts and offering strategies for constructive confrontation, something which I learned during my time at Intel.
June 13, 2024

Employee v Contractor Status – Employers beware

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court made a significant ruling, overturning the decision of the Court of Appeal. They concluded that Domino's Pizza delivery drivers should be classified as employees rather than independent contractors. The Supreme Court affirmed the application of a five-point test to distinguish between "contracts of service" and "contracts for service" when identifying employment relationships.
June 11, 2024

Employee Theft

First and foremost, remember to proceed with caution. Extreme Caution! There could be a reasonable explanation, and the last thing you will want is to have a case of unfair dismissal on your hands. Even if you have undeniable evidence that an employee has stolen from the business or other employees, there are still proper procedures that must be followed before any disciplinary action is taken.
May 30, 2024

Absence Management

In the Republic of Ireland, under the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997, employees who are absent from work due to illness are entitled to be paid for a public holiday if it falls during their absence. Regarding the accumulation of annual leave entitlement, an employee who is absent from work due to a GP-certified illness will continue to accumulate their statutory annual leave entitlement as if they were working.
May 24, 2024

Recruitment and Selection

For business owners, crafting a team of dedicated individuals is akin to laying the cornerstone of a successful enterprise. Yet, the journey towards assembling such a team is often fraught with challenges. The task of sourcing and retaining top talent is one that demands attention, strategy, and finesse. In the dynamic landscape of small businesses, where every resource counts and each decision carries weight, the importance of effective recruitment and selection cannot be overstated.
May 16, 2024


The initial 10 days of an employee's induction are crucial and sometimes things just don't work out. Despite the best onboarding experience, it could just be a bad fit for everyone. This article discusses the process of letting someone go during these early days of onboarding when it's clear that the fit isn't right for either party.
May 1, 2024

Honest Interview Feedback

The job interview is a high-stakes competition, where only one victor emerges. For internal candidates, this is particularly intense. Despite their familiarity with the company, they face the daunting challenge of outshining their peers to secure a coveted role. When the verdict is not in their favour, the unspoken elephant in the room becomes feedback—the crucial yet often neglected aspect of the process.