Our Story

Welcome to Career Dynamics HR Consulting, where we are dedicated to Enhancing Performance Excellence. 

We chose the name Career Dynamics because we believe in creating a learning experience for managers and employees alike, enhancing their careers in a dynamic way – as a direct result of our engagement. 

Partnering with us means seizing the chance to optimise your HR without the need for a full-time HR person on site. We specialise in crafting and implementing HR programs that help change the way you run your business.

Our values

Meet Ray

Ray Hoare is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. A seasoned Human Resources practitioner with over 25 years solid HR experience. Throughout his career, he has worked in both private and public sector environments – covering both unionised and non-union employee climates.

In his career he has worked with individuals and teams on such topics as Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Change and Transition Management, Employee Relations and Employee Engagement. More recently he has focussed on Talent Management, Workplace Wellbeing and Engagement, Succession planning, workplace performance management and communication skills development.

A native of Dublin, Ray holds an honours degree in Business and Human Resource Management, as well as a Fellowship with the CIPD (The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). He is a trained Mediator, having completed his training with CEDR, (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), London. Ray also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Employment Law (Law Society of Ireland). He lives in Ratoath, County Meath with his wife and family, his hobbies include Acting, Singing, Running, Gaelic Sports (GAA) and as an accomplished local artist he has exhibited his work throughout Ireland. 

An accomplished TEDx speaker, he has also delivered webinars on HR topics including managing absence and performance management.

  • Noel Quigley, Director
    With a wealth of experience spanning across the spectrum of HR functions, Ray has been instrumental in providing invaluable guidance to our organisation. His proficiency extends from crafting meticulous Employee Handbooks to drafting and delivering Employment Contracts tailored to our specific needs. Whenever the need arises, he steps in with a deft hand and sound judgement, ensuring fairness and adherence in our grievance and disciplinary processes. His interventions have not only resolved issues swiftly but also fostered a culture of trust and transparency within our workforce. He has a practical and responsive style. He doesn't just offer textbook solutions; instead, he brings a wealth of real-world experience to the table, providing us with pragmatic advice that resonates with our organisational goals and values.  In essence, Ray Hoare is not just a consultant but a trusted partner in our HR endeavours.
    Noel Quigley, Director
  • Conor Mullally, Director/Owner
    As a seasoned HR consultant with extensive experience in conflict resolution and a specialisation in performance management, Ray has been instrumental in supporting our company. His expertise has greatly contributed to the development and implementation of our disciplinary and grievance processes. Additionally, Ray has provided invaluable advice on numerous occasions regarding the delivery of crucial employee relations messages. He has equipped us with practical templates that have facilitated our navigation through the complexities of performance management and employee relations. Ray's active participation in meetings has been invaluable, ensuring that our messages and communications are not only clear and actionable but also legally defensible. His refreshing and engaging practical approach has made a significant difference in our operations.
    Conor Mullally, Director/Owner
  • Charles Beaumont, Director
    We worked with Ray Hoare and availed of his invaluable assistance in facilitating a buyout of our small business. As an HR Specialist, Ray played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition during this critical phase. His meticulous attention to detail was evident in his handling of HR due diligence, crafting contracts of employment, and drafting a comprehensive employee handbook along with relevant policies and procedures providing us with the peace of mind necessary to focus on the financial and operational aspects of the buyout. We recommend Ray to any Company seeking top-tier HR support, as his contributions are sure to yield positive outcomes and foster continued growth and success.
    Charles Beaumont, Director
    Furnishing Distributors
  • Gillian Corrigan, CFO
    Ray has been a pivotal figure in guiding both our Leadership Team and Board of Directors for several years. Under his mentorship, our communication and engagement strategies have changed for the better. Internal meeting management has undergone a significant improvement, resulting in heightened efficiency. Moreover, our performance evaluation procedures have undergone a transformation, becoming more comprehensive, meaningful, and action driven. Ray's approach is not only captivating but also direct, yielding highly effective results. His profound expertise in Human Resources and broader business operations has proved invaluable to our Leadership Team. Thanks to his guidance, we've been able to concentrate on our primary objectives while still delivering exemplary HR services tailored to the Company's needs. Ray's insights and regular updates have empowered us to function without the necessity of a full-time HR person, thereby streamlining our operations and ensuring the provision of top-tier HR services to our employees.
    Gillian Corrigan, CFO
    AxisEng Consulting Engineers, Dublin, Ireland
  • Orla Kearns, Head of Customer Experience
    Ray Hoare led the development of a comprehensive employee engagement and development initiative tailored specifically for our Front of House and Back Office Call Centre teams in Dublin, Ireland. His meticulous and exhaustive approach ensured that he fully incorporated the criteria necessary for the development of key members of our customer experience team. Ray's delivery style is characterised by its practicality, informativeness, and engaging nature, ensuring that participants were not only informed but also actively involved in the learning process. Through his leadership and collaboration with his team, he delivered a comprehensive module-based programme over a 3 month period which successfully enhanced our customer experience to new heights.
    Orla Kearns, Head of Customer Experience
    Abertis Mobility Services, EMEA
  • Jack Byron, ICS Director
    We have engaged Ray on several occasions where there was a need for an independent HR Practitioner to assist us in the delivery and execution of complex employee relations work. He has consistently demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the intricate Irish Employment law landscape. His expertise has been invaluable to our management team, providing clear and practical guidance in navigating various employee relations and performance issues. His professional demeanour and transparent communication style ensure that everyone involved understands their rights and obligations clearly. Ray's practical application of the law has enabled us to manage our day-to-day operations more effectively, without undue stress or uncertainty.
    Jack Byron, ICS Director
    Elis Ireland
  • John Warren, Chief Executive Officer
    Over a year ago, we initiated the transfer of one of our business units to another employer. Ray promptly grasped our needs and the delicate nature of transferring our staff to another company. His expertise in Transfer of Undertakings is unparalleled, and his approach in connecting and assimilating with our staff instilled a feeling of care and involvement in everyone. Ray efficiently orchestrated the entire process, enabling me to concentrate on my daily responsibilities.
    John Warren, Chief Executive Officer
    Trustus Senior Care
  • Graham Turner, Managing Partner
    For several years, Ray and his recruitment team have provided invaluable assistance in our hiring and onboarding processes. Ray's exceptional involvement and expertise in Recruitment and Selection shine through. He meticulously crafts our job descriptions, selection criteria, and plays a pivotal role in interviewing and selecting outstanding individuals who seamlessly integrate and thrive within our organisation. The Career Dynamics Recruitment team adeptly streamline the interviewing and selection procedures, guaranteeing we secure the most qualified candidates for the positions without having to use employment agencies.
    Graham Turner, Managing Partner
    Niall Byrne and Company, Accountants
  • Ed Ventura, V.P. Operations
    I sought the expertise of Career Dynamics to aid in recruiting specialised tradespeople and engineering sales and implementation professionals for a new project in the Caribbean Region. Ray meticulously outlined the positions, handled advertising, and conducted thorough pre-screening tailored to my requirements. With his guidance, we conducted thorough competency-based selection interviews and successfully onboarded exceptional staff members who have remained integral to our team for years. Ray's hands-on approach to Human Resources makes him an invaluable asset, demonstrating his excellence in operational effectiveness.
    Ed Ventura, V.P. Operations
    Hi-Sharp Products, Toronto, Canada
  • Colm Mc Daid, CEO
    Ray Hoare is an exceptionally skilled HR Consultant who has significantly impacted our organisation's success. Ray's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in developing and executing a top-tier employee engagement and team-building program, setting a new standard within our company. With years of experience spanning diverse industries, Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. Whenever we've needed HR support, Ray has been a dependable resource, providing valuable guidance and solutions that align with our goals and values. His professionalism, integrity, and passion for excellence make him an invaluable partner in driving our business forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Ray Hoare to any organisation seeking a trusted HR consultant who not only delivers results but also goes above and beyond to ensure long-term success. With Ray on your team, you can rest assured that your HR needs are in the best hands possible.
    Colm Mc Daid, CEO